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I'm pleased to be accepted into this group.   I've worked in immersive technologies for about 20 years now, with initial work in VRML, long ago.  Currently, I'm enjoying creating simulations in collaboration with Reaction Grid (I see John Lester (pathfinder)) has joined the group as well.  Currently projects are dominantly for nursing education at American Sentinel University.  I was Executive Director of the Sloan Consortium prior to retiring from that group of many colleges and universities.  During the years there, we used Second Life for meetings and taught many online courses about SL.  I am really devoted now to what Unity/Jibe can do (and does so well).

I would be tremendously interested in doing an analysis of what other people are doing in nursing in this area (new for me, since I'm trained in and taught engineering and business for 40+ years). Nursing seems to be a great field for Immersive Technologies 4 learning - so I appreciate John Lester introducing me (and Trevor Rasmussen) to this group.  I have a real interest in doing some collaborative work, if any of you are interested.


John Bourne, Ph.D

Chief Academic Officer, American Sentinel University (the  ninth largest nursing school in US)

Professor Emeritus, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Professor Emeritus, Babson College

Executive Director Emeritus, The Sloan Consortium

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Comment by Gord Holden on December 14, 2013 at 11:14

Thanks John for the bio. Exciting to hear your affirmation of the JIBE platform. The upside seems undeniable to me, but even with a population of pioneers, it's difficult for many of us to move from what they are used to (including me). SecondLife/OpenSim clearly still has its place, at least until there is a nexus of JIBE environments/creators ready to provide what's needed for conferences and educational purposes etc.

John, I have a big idea regarding what you are doing. I'd like to discuss it with you. My Skype is gord.holden  Please send a request for me to add you so I can run this idea by you. I think the implications both for nursing training and health care costs could be profoundly positive.



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